Hoang Ly

Visual artist, poet

Graduated from the Fine Arts University of Hochiminh City in 1999 with an excellent grade Bachelor of Art diploma in oil painting.

Member of HOCHIMINH City Writers Union

Member of Hochiminh Fine Art Association


2005: The Artist-In-residence at CAVE gallery - NY funded by Ford Foundation

2004: Project ‘See Between Sea’ with support from DTW-NY’, which is postponed to the year 2005,

bringing Vietnam-based artist to NY & US-based artist to Hochiminh city.

2003: International writing program at University of Iowa with invitation of The Department of US.

(3 months residency)

1999: Certificate of Praise by Minister of Culture, Information and Sports of Vietnam for Academic


1997: The painting ‘Cay’ (The tree) won the prize ‘one of the best ten Works’ in the great exhibition

of young artists of HCMC

other activities:

Teaching: Teaching drawing for children at The Children’s Cultural House of HCMC since 1997

Editing: Editor in Youth Publishing House at HCMC since 2000

Poetry: Many poems (original text and translated versions) published since 1993 in various

magazines and anthologies (Vietnam, France, USA).

Book of poems "Co trang" (White Grass) 1999 won the prize “MAI VANG” selected

by readers of NGUOI LAO DONG newspaper.

Delegate to the Vietnam Young Writers Congresses 1998 and 2001.

Translating: "The Call of the Wild" (Jack London), Van Hoc (Litterature) Publishing House 1995

professional activities:


Nov: Biennale Internationale des Poetes en Val-de-Marne at France.

Sep: Painting exhibition - Zen Gallery - HCMC, Vietnam

May-Jul: ‘NEW YORK IS INSIDE RODNEY’S HOUSE’ (installation) - Cave Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,

funded by Ford Foundation

May: ‘BREADS AND NAILS’ (performance art) - Roger Smith Gallery, New York, USA

Presentation about Vietnam contemporary art - New York University, USA

Jan: ‘NURSING BREAST’ (Installation) - ‘WHO WE ARE?’ workshop — Phu My Hung art center,

HCMC, Vietnam.


Oct: ‘MONUMENT OF ROUNDTRAY’ (installation) - Dahlem Museum - Berlin, Germany, funded

by Henrich Boell Foundation


TO HIV/AIDS - Queen Gallery, Thailand, organized by Ministry of Culture, Thailand

in conjuncture with the 15th International Conference on AIDS.

Jun: Curator for Performance art and Installation event in frame of Hue Festival held by Hue Fine

Art University.

‘Clippers and hangers’ (installation & performance art) — Project 1 - Hue Festival, VN

May: ‘MONUMENT OF ROUNDTRAY’ (installation & performance art)—National Gallery, Bangkok

Thailand, funded by henrich Boell Foundation

Feb: ‘MONUMENT OF ROUNDTRAY’ (installation & performance art) Chiang Mai Art Museum —

Thailand, funded by Henrich Boell Foundation


Dec: Arts and Culture for Development (ACD) - training program organized by British Council,

HCMC, Vietnam.

‘PUSHING THROUGH BORDERS’ (installation & performance art)—Mekong Project at Blue

Space Gallery, HCMC, Vietnam, funded by DTW & Rockefeller Foundation

Oct: ‘THE WOMAN AND THE OLD HOUSE’ (poetry performance art) - Iowa University Theatre,

Iowa, USA, funded by The Department of US.

June: ‘THE SUFFERING’(improvisation performance art)-Blue Space Gallery,HCMC, Vietnam.

Curator for Performance art and Installation workshop at Hue — HoiAn, the first time with own


Mar: THE MEKONG PROJECT WORKSHOP — Artists’ Residency Program in Thailand held by

dance Theater Workshop (DTW), New York, funded by Rockerfeller Foundation


Nov: ‘WINDOW TO ASIA’ — exhibition & workshop in vietnam contemporary art center in Hanoi;

held by The Arts Network Asia (ANA) & Vietnam Fine Arts Association sponsored by Ford


Nov: ASIATOPIA 4TH/2002 - Thailand

Sep: BUSAN BIENNALE 2002 - Korea.

July: Nippon International Performance Art Festival NIPAF — Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Nagano,

Osaka, Japan

June: 1 month residency - PhuQuoc Island — Vietnam

‘EMOTION FROM THE SEA’ (painting exhibition) - Blue Space gallery HCMC, Vietnam

Feb: MATSU BOX EXHIBITION - Nagano — Japan


Dec: ‘LIQUID’ WORKSHOP - Long Hai beach, Vietnam ‘The choice’ (installation)- Blue Space

Gallery, HCMC, Vietnam

Oct: Za Hall Gallery - Tokyo, Japan

Japan Society - New York, USA

Shiga Museum - Japan

Aug: ‘OPEN WORKSHOP’ - Binh Quoi Tourist Village, HCMC. Exhibition of excellent works by

various generation’s students of HCMC Fine-Arts University-City Gallery, HCMC Vietnam

Mar: WOMEN ARTISTS EXHIBITION - Fine-Arts Association of HCMC, Vietnam.


‘The 5th Asia Performance Art Series’- Hongkong, Macau & Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo, Nagano)

‘THE NIPAF SUMMER SEMINAR 2000’ - Nagano, Japan


Sep: FOUR - PEOPLE EXHIBITION - blue Gallery, danang, Vietnam

Jun: WOMEN ARTISTS EXHIBITION - Women Cultural House, HCMC, Vietnam


Dec: YOUTH FINE-ARTS EXHIBITION - Fine-Art Association of HCMC, Vietnam.

Nov: FOUR - PEOPLE EXHIBITION - Vietnam Galerie, HCMC, Vietnam

Oct: ‘Vietnam sensibility’ - freiburg, germany.

Aug: ‘THE DREAM’ - Personal painting and installation exhibition at IDECAF, HCMC, Vietnam

Jan: HCMC’S YOUNG ARTISTS EXHIBITION - HCMC’s Fine - Arts Museum, Vietnam



Jun: ‘parcours’ - 6-month workshop sponsored by The French Embassy & the Fine Arts

University of Hanoi at Alliance Francaise, Hanoi, Vietnam


National 5 Year Exhibition of Fine Arts at National Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam.


‘WOMEN BEYOND BORDERS’ - A Touring Exhibition from 1994 to 1999, USA