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Artista Plástico

Crossing skins and consciences, humans and nature, seeks to reinterpret the emotions, overtaking them and transferring them to the observer. This painter is without any doubt an exponent who advances in a vortex of compulsive creation, using a personal and progressive vocabulary that looks for unraveling, in a constant change, the language of our planet Earth.

In the sensations developed by the artist in his work, we can distinguish a large variety of shades, in which the colour is the protagonist. They are not absolute pure colours, but contain innumerable gradiations of different colours within a given colour.

The eye runs livery over the tensions conducted by the relevance of the particular density of the chromatic gamma, which the artist applies with singular rigour, giving life to the natural white of the cloth and texture to the bottom, luminosity fragment, always making vibrate the context of textures, dominating areas of light separate, transfigure or grant the facture that conform the paint.

One has the impression that these forms, suggesting space, volume, lines, approximations, overtaken and liberated by the colour, evolve transforming them selves within an atmosphere that suggest the essence of our planet and imaginary worlds full of positivism, which arrive directly to the subconscious and, when they are read again, indicate a coherent work, emerging as a proposal of the artist, to discover and again feel in us with the vibrations of life

Chile, Region of the Bío Bío, San Pedro of Peace, June 2009